Soundsgood Playlists: Other Platforms

Everybody uses different streaming services, and Soundsgood tries to make it easier to listen to playlists across different services. I’ve used my fair share of streaming services over the years, and here you can find my playlists on Deezer, YouTube & sometimes Soundcloud, Tidal and Google Play. I’ll try to add more services in time, more playlists coming soon.

playlist art construction
playlist art epic unicorn
playlist art heart sweets
playlist art ducklings
playlist art crowd
playlist art Arcade Fire live
Playlist art Frank Zappa
Playlist art heroin user
Playlist art Gorilla
Playlist art middle finger
Playlist art lightening storm
Playlist art cyclone storm
Playlist art flower 2017
Playlist art flower 2016
Playlist art flower 2015
Playlist art flower 2014
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